Visa , Kırklareli , east of Istanbul, 140 km. in the distance, with history and natural beauty to the fore is a district . Visas with a population of 10,000 , has a rich historical past .

Byzi different names in the history of the city , in Bizy , Bida , Bizar , to DEF , and finally the visa is known as Vizier . The root of the name comes from Byzas not Byzas is the name of a son of Poseidon . At the same time Byzas Trak , which means goat in the language of the Thracians and is a name that they use a lot . In addition, a legendary Thracian king named Byzas is said that the name of this Byzas Nymph is the son of Semestra . Also Byzia in Greek mythology is the name of the source Pixie . Abundance of water in each period of the visa referred to by name in mind that this is a plausible possibility .

The first known official visa holders are OATS is a branch of Thracians . Later, Persians, Romans, Celts, Pechenegs, Byzantines, Bulgarians and finally dominated the Ottoman Turkish rule began with .

Important historical monuments Church of Hagia Sophia , the only known ancient theater in Turkey Thrace , rock-cut churches , monasteries, Thracian tumuli , castle walls , fountains can be considered. Contamination of natural beauty that has yet streams, forests, clean sea and wide sandy beaches of the resort Kiyiköy the Balkans , particularly between the village and Kıyıköy Yenede include caves , including cave . 1620 m beat the cave . with the length of Thrace 3 is the largest cave .

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