Kirklareli is a city, which locates on Northwest  Marmara. It is bordered by  Bulgaria to the North, Edirne to the west, Tekirdag to the South, İstanbul to the southeast, Blacksea to the east. The territory of Kirklareli covers 6,550 square kilometres. Population of the city is 67.360 according to 2012 Population Cencus.


Kirklareli was known as “Vrisium, Verisse, Verisa, Nerissa in Roman Empire Era. It was called as “Saranta Ekklesies in Byzantines Era. Turkish Army, which was commanded by  Demirtas Pasha, took the city in the spring of 1363.  ( Padishah I. Murat Era).  So ottoman domination began in this region. The name “Saranta Ekklesies” , which was used in Byzantines Era, was changed and renamed as Kirkkilise ( Kirkkilise means “Forty Churches” in english). It was also called as “Kirk Kimesne” or “Kirk Kimse”  ( It means “forty people” in english)  because of a  couplet that found on the epigraph in the “Kirklar Baba Dergahi” :


“Forty People were martyred  here

So this town  was called with this name”


It was also called as “Paşaili” ( It means “City of Pasha” in english) at the ends of 20th century in honour of Suleyman Pasha,  who made  a great progress  on the conquest of Rumelia


It took “Kirklareli” name  that means “Kirklar İli” (“Kirklarili” means “city of 40’s” in english)   in memory of 40 brave soldiers, who martyrised during the conquest of  city in 1363, by act of Turkish Grand Na tional Assembly on 20th December 1924.

Reference :    Folklore Researcher Zekeriya KURTULMUŞ Kirklareli Culture and Tourism Directorate

Translation :   Tourism Researcher   Arda CELIKMADEN    Kirklareli Culture and Tourism Directorate

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