Poyrali is a Pinarhisar village, where 450 people live according to 2012 Population Census. It was set up by the immigrants, who came from Oblast Loveç Region of Bulgaria after 1877-78 Ottoman-Russian War. Some of the immigrants, who came from Bulgaria in 1951, were placed here. Although it’s said that the name of Poyrali  came from the masters, who made wheel hub in the village  (“Wheel hub” means  “Poyra”   in turkish), Poyrali  is a very old village in both history and mythology, in which it is known as a place of Boreas son of Eos.

Mainly sources of income of Poyrali Village, which has a border with Tozakli, Erenler, Sogucak and Doganca Villages,  are wheat, sunflower, beetroot, corn, pekmez productions and stockbreeding.

Poyrali locates on Pinarhisar-Kirklareli Road. It is possible to reach other neighbour  villages by using asphalt way. Drinking Water Requirement of Village is provided by an artesian. Regional weaving is made by village women by using traditional  weaving looms.

Note : It was compiled by  Folklore Researcher Zekeriya KURTULMUS in 2013

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