Okcular is a Vize village, where 365 people live according to 2012 Population Census.  Previous name of village was “Tastatarli”. Turkish families, who were bringed from Anatolia in 1360’s by Ottoman Settling Policy, and turkish immigrants, who came from Bulgaria and Salonika Region of Greece in 1938-1940, were settled in here.

There is a worth-seeing  spring water and a tumulus, which dates from Thracians Era, in the village.

Mainly sources of income of Okcular Village, which has a border with Akpinar, Evrenli, and Duzova Villages,  are wheat, sunflower, corn productions, and  stockbreeding.

Okcular locates 6 km away from Vize Town Center. It is possible to reach other neighbour  villages by using asphalt way.

Note : It was compiled by  Folklore Researcher Zekeriya KURTULMUS in 2013

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