Kizilcikdere is a Kirklareli village, where 622 people live according to 2012 Population Census. This area was a farm that belonged to the grandson of Sultan Abdulhamit. It was bought and set up a village by the immigrants, who came from Stara Zagora Region of Bulgaria during 1877-78 Ottoman-Russian War. At first  the village was called as “Ertugrul” . Due to a lot of cornel trees that located near the village creeks,  its name changed as “Kızılcıkdere” in Republic Period.  ( Cornel means “Kızılcık” in turkish and Creek means “Dere” in turkish).

The people, who came from Bulgaria before 1912-13 Balkan War and who came from Romania in 1935, were placed in here.

Mainly sources of income of Kizilcikdere Village, which has a border with Yundolan, Uskup, Uskupdere, Bayramdere, Kavakdere and Asilbeyi Villages, are wheat, sunflower, hardaliye, grape molasse production; grapery and stockbreeding.

It is possible to reach other neighbour  villages by using asphalt way. The Village has two ponds.

Note : It was compiled by  Folklore Researcher Zekeriya KURTULMUS in 2013

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