Koyunbaba is a Kirklareli village, where 453 people live according to 2012 Population Census. While this region was being conquered by Ottomans in 1360’s, the village was taken and the Turks were placed in here.

The Turkish people, who came from Pleven Bulgaria after 1877-78 Ottoman-Russian War; who came from Salonika Greece and Ivaylovgrad Bulgaria after 1912-13 Balkan War;  who came from Kardzhali Bulgaria and Constanța Romania in 1945’s,  were placed in Koyunbaba.

The name of village was “Koyundere” , while Turks, Bulgarians and Romanians were living together in Ottoman Era. It was changed as “Koyunbaba”  in Republic Period because of an entombed Saint that located in the middle of village.

Mainly sources of income of Koyunbaba Village, which has a border with Kirklareli, Eriklice, Kayali, Dolhan, Pasayeri and Inece Villages, are wheat, sunflower, corn production and stockbreeding.

We understand from the graveyards that located 4 different places around the village that the location of Koyunbaba changed. There is a Bulgarian Church, which was probably built in 1850’s, on the west side of village. Besides there is a tomb named “Koyunbaba Tomb” , which was built in 1888 according to its marble epigraph.

It is possible to reach other neighbour  villages by using asphalt way.

Note : It was compiled by  Folklore Researcher Zekeriya KURTULMUS in 2013

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